Come As You Are

The majority of individuals we are going after are unchurched and do not know the “church rules” that most have grown up with. We are ready to teach you the basics.  A preacher once said, “You don’t clean the fish before you catch them, you catch them first and let God clean them up!”  This is so true!  When we say “Come As You Are”…. we mean it!

Have you gotten your brick yet?

With the new building we will be able to centralize our efforts to ensure every community and church that has partnered with Freeway Ministries is supported.

We will be able to expand our efforts to partner with new churches across the globe. Before we can open our new World Headquarters, we need to build it brick by brick.


Freeway Men’s houses are homes where sober men can come and be discipled.

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The Freeway Women’s House provides women a fresh start and a place to heal and grow in their Christian walk.

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If transportation is needed, please call our transportation line @ 417-838-2038 before 2 p.m. Saturday for a ride in Springfield for Saturday night Freeway. Call Before 9pm Saturday night for a ride to Crossway Church on Sunday.