Clothing Ministry

“I remember tearing through boxes one night trying to find a woman a pair of socks. That’s all she asked for…..a pair of socks. I found a pair and she was thrilled… was I. ”

On this night, the Freeway Clothing Ministry was born.


We were so proud the first time we set up a table in the foyer and when people started coming in we would invite them to look through the clothes to see if there was anything there they needed. Before long, we started getting enough donated that one week we would set out a table with just children’s clothes, the next week just women’s, and then the next week just men’s. Before long, we asked if we could set up a couple of tables in the common’s area or old cafeteria.

We eventually started borrowing tables from the church so we could set up 3 or 4, then it was 5 or 6, and finally we had about a dozen tables, old, heavy tables.  We still have those old tables, but have added many more.


Hear just a few of the amazing stories of God’s provision!

  •   "We had one young mother that told me one Saturday night she was moving into her own place and needed household items. I told her we would let her know if we received anything. That very same night another young mom told me she was moving out of a house into a women’s group home called Victory House and she wanted to donate her household items to Freeway! I was able to introduce the two women and the two of them got help moving things out of one house into the other!"  

  • "One night a homeless man in tattered jeans asked if we had any jeans. We didn’t have any at that time, but he gave us his size and we told him we would watch for a pair. That same night someone brought in some donations, we opened one of the bags and there was a pair of men’s jeans in the exact size the man had asked for! We found him in the food line and gave him the jeans. Amazing!"  

  •   "We had a couple that came to Freeway that had a severely handicapped daughter in a wheelchair that could not communicate. She looked to be a young teen. The couple was looking at clothing and the girl was patiently sitting and waiting. I walked over and asked the parents if I could give her a stuffed animal. They said yes. I picked one up, handed it to the girl, and her face lit up like a Christmas tree! She was smiling and rocking that stuffed animal all night! What a simple thing that was such a huge blessing!"  

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