Creating disciples and missionaries is major reason why Freeway Ministries is different from most ministries who are trying to reach this people group with the Gospel. We are training men and women for the mission field and turning these men and women into preachers, ministry leaders and Sunday school teachers. Investing into their families, enrolling some into college and helping them take the next right step.

You are going to experience the mission field in your own backyard. Some will come to your ministry with no understanding of the Gospel or church life; as if they have just escaped a jungle. Typical church understandings are absent. They may not know what to do with an offering bag, or the difference between the Old and New Testament, but through discipleship you have an opportunity to teach them about the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What do we do on the mission field? We win a native, or a local person in that community to Christ, disciple them and then turn them loose and support them in their ministry. That is exactly what we are doing inside Freeway Ministries. Making disciples that turn around and disciple others.

We Preach & Teach The Message Of The Cross

Many people come to Freeway without understanding of the gospel and our first priority is their salvation. Sugar coating is not Freeway’s style. We dive in to the teachings of the Gospel, making disciples and focusing on the fact that Jesus is everything. Non-negotiable.


We Are Mission Minded

If you go on the mission field in another country a translator is typically used. A local person who knows the culture, the landscape and the language of the people you are trying to reach. Why would it be any different with the criminal element? You need someone who is a local, who knows the families in the area, who has a history with the area and who knows the places that are hot spots for the ministry to reach out!

Men and women who are, or have been discipled typically become very passionate about what they are learning as they go through the material and then turn around and disciple another brother or sister in Christ. All while fulfilling the Great Commission one broken life at a time, Matthew 28:19-20 “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you…and I am with you…”.

Every church in America has an opportunity to get involved and make a difference if they would invest in their own back yards.

We Disciple Them

First generation Christians are different from your average church folk. These individuals come from a background that is very different in many ways- morally, ethically, socially- than what we are used to on Sunday mornings. Their church etiquette is skewed, due to a very different and difficult life outside the church. They need to be educated on the basics of right and wrong, while looking through the lens of the Bible. (ie: II Timothy 3:16)

When Jesus gets ahold of someone with a criminal background and they accept Christ, they become men and women with vision, on fire, and bold Christians that you will ever come in contact with. It then becomes our job to encourage, teach, warn, assist and correct this new believer on everything they do, according to God’s Holy Word.

These individuals become “God Magnets” reaching people not even Billy Graham can reach. Their fresh fire, eagerness to learn, enthusiasm and authentic hunger to know the Bible will bountifully draw people. Some of your church members will get fired up because they have been waiting for something like this to come along. Simultaneously, many will come into your fellowship that have loved ones who are living a crazy lifestyle just because your church reaches out to this type of people group; be prepared for this type of growth.

We use simple discipleship material that explains the basic doctrines of the Bible-from the Word of God to the judgment seat of Christ. A seasoned Christian who knows the Word, partners up with a new believer, and meet once a week to go through the discipleship book. The book is fourteen lessons and usually lasts 1-2 weeks per lesson. Through this study, a lifelong friendship forms between the teacher and the disciple, building the body of Christ.